Introducing Heritage Apartments

We specialise in beautiful historic architecture that speaks to us of the culture and history of our city. Our shophouses in Singapore are eclectic mixes of Chinese, Malay and European elements with their Chinese porcelain friezes, Malay timber fretwork, Portuguese shutters and Classical pilasters. Our townhouses in New York are elegant meshworks of classic American Federal style with distinctive Old World motifs, with its elegant Graeco-Roman porticos and brownstone exterior, a Triassic sandstone once a popular building material in the 19th Century. Now, the apartments continue to stand in the hearts of their cities - The Central business district of Singapore and The Midtown of Manhattan as legacies of the glorious but bygone eras. Our team is experienced in corporate reservations and student accommodation but welcome anyone with an eye for heritage living made convenient by modern amenities.
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New York


Well located and affordable apartments within walking distance of the Midtown financial district. Heritage Apartments is the accommodation of choice for the discerning corporate traveller.

Student Housing

Heritage Apartments has long been a favourite amongst students for its proximity to many colleges such as NYU and The New School as well as its trendy and bustling locality.


Short Stays

Ideal for leisure and business travellers on short visits to Singapore, looking for value for money accommodation.

Long Stays

Ideal for corporate travellers on mid to long term visit to Singapore, fully furnished modern residences with services.